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Are you playing L.A. Noire in black and white?

Justin McElroy

You might miss it if you don't know to look for it, but right there in the options for L.A. Noire you can activate a "black and white mode." The resulting look is reminiscent of the classic films the game attempts to emulate.

"We always knew we would create a proper noir mode with the black & white setting for L.A. Noire considering how much inspiration for the game came from classic noir films like The Naked City and The Asphalt Jungle," art director Rob Nelson told us. "Playing in black & white adds a somewhat nostalgic, cinematic feel to the game, and we'd definitely recommend that players experiment with this setting and see what they prefer best."

That got us wondering: Which mode are you using? For our part, we liked the monochrome look, but kept feeling like we were missing something by not playing in color. Fill us in on your preference after the break.


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