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Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Escalation' DLC hitting PC on June 2


"Escalation," the latest downloadable add-on for Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be released for PC early next month. Activision sent out a note announcing a June 2 release date, and signaled the impending end of Xbox Live's exclusive grip on five additional multiplayer maps.

The $15 "Escalation" pack houses four urban Black Ops battlegrounds -- Hotel, Zoo, Convoy and Stockpile -- and an unusually elaborate map for Zombies mode, dubbed "Call of the Dead." Assuming you don't find it distasteful when those who were presumed dead are unexpectedly resurrected, you'll get a real kick out of seeing Robert Englund, George Romero and Sarah Michelle Gellar again.

An announcement regarding the PlayStation 3 version of this DLC will be made "soon," Activision says.

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