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Comcast brings Xfinity TV VOD to iPhone, iPod Touch, but only on WiFi


Comcast rolled out a v1.5 update today for the iPhone / iPod Touch versions of its Xfinity TV app which allows them to access the video on-demand streaming that has been available on the iPad since February. Just like the iPad however, they'll only work over WiFi -- no streaming over 3G or downloading for offline viewing here, although unlike Cablevision and Time Warner's iPad apps, you don't have to be on your own WiFi for it to work. The slate of content has expanded to include 25 networks and over 6,000 hours of video, so for those confusing times when you're within reach of WiFi but can't get close to a TV, you can still queue up something for viewing. The official Twitter account advises a delete / reinstall for those having issues since upgrading, if you're a Comcast subscriber who hasn't already snagged the free app for its channel changing and remote DVR scheduling capabilities, you can do so at the link below.

[Thanks, Nick & Colby]

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