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Deus Ex: Human Revolution coming to OnLive, free MicroConsole and original Deus Ex with pre-order


OnLive has announced that the service will be offering the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a streaming title day-and-date with the retail release, and users who pre-order the game will get all kinds of goodies. First, ponying up cash in advance for any flavor of the game will net a free copy of the original Deus Ex: Game of the Year for play via the service.

Secondly, pre-ordering the Augmented Edition of the game (for $53.99 rather than the standard $44.99, and packing its own goodies) will get you an OnLive game system to play it on, free of charge. If you already have a MicroConsole, you can choose a free game. That's not a bad deal at all, especially if you were considering getting Human Revolution in the first place.

The free game deal has to be redeemed by next Wednesday, May 25, but according to the fine print, the console deal is valid right up until Deus Ex: Human Revolution's release on August 23.

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