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New RIFT trailer showcases the Mage


The destructive might of the elements, the restorative power of life, and dominion over the mind itself: These are just a few of the tools RIFT's Mages have at their disposal. Trion Worlds has released a new trailer showcasing all this and more as the Mage archetype blasts, heals, and controls his way through numerous dangerous situations.

The trailer specifically concentrates on three different builds of RIFT's Mage archetype: the damage-dealing Pyromancer, the supportive Chloromancer, and and the controlling Dominator. Each has its own way of tackling the problems that the invading rifts throw out, but the trailer makes it clear that each is equally capable of contributing mightily to the cause. Skip past the cut for the full trailer, and if it happens to inspire in you a desire to manipulate the arcane channels of Telara, keep in mind that RIFT is still running a free trial program.

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