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World of Tanks releases Ultimate Conquest mode

Jef Reahard
Save is finally taking the wraps off its much-anticipated World of Tanks clan wars mechanics, and hundreds of clans are gearing up to wage war across the title's expansive map. Ultimate Conquest is now live and features its own web destination complete with clan rankings, a world map, and a handy guide.

The clan wars map currently encompasses Northern and Mediterranean Europe and will eventually include Asia, Africa, and North America. "We've been working on this for so long, and now we are proud to say that the Ultimate Conquest has begun. This mode is a huge leap for the whole project, as it will add an important strategic element everyone has been so passionately waiting for," says clan wars coordinator Kirill Mal. You can learn more about the World of Tanks metagame at the official North American or European portals, and you also check out our clan wars-focused GDC interview with Victor Kislyi. And we've got a new clan wars tutorial video for you just after the cut.

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