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WoW Moviewatch: Return of the Ashbringer II - Raiders of Northrend


Return of the Ashbringer II - Raiders of Northrend is a cinema-length machinima. The creator describes it as a "journey machinima," which is a way of saying it focuses on a few characters and their struggles, instead of huge, epic battles. This movie really is worth watching, but be warned that it runs about an hour and a half.

The production values of the video are actually pretty good. According to Pykmi, he chose to focus on using in-game "body" actors instead of other machinima tricks. The movie feels a little more "authentic" because of that decision, since it looks more like something that actually could happen in game.

Return of the Ashrbinger II has a few shout-outs to tanks, which obviously won me over. It spends some time talking about The Sword and Board, the protection warrior way. And while Pykmi's obvious talking about warriors, I think it applies to all tanks.

This was a wonderful movie. My hat's off to Pykmi; you've made something astounding.

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