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Apple TV prototype sold on eBay


A prototype of the original Apple TV, or "iTV" as it was known when Jobs first unveiled it in 2006, has been sold on eBay for a Buy It Now price of US$350. As you can see from the image above, the prototype unit has an Apple Development Team barcode and a sticker that marks the unit as a "DVT" prototype. Another difference between the prototype unit and the final shipping unit is the logo on the top of the device. The iTV only had the Apple logo on top, while the final Apple TV had the Apple logo plus the letters "TV" marked on its top.

The listing first gained traction earlier today when MacRumors posted about it. As could be expected, the prototype sold fast. The $350 asking price is relatively low for an Apple prototype, and there's a big collectible market for such devices. Apple is usually quick to put a stop to eBay auctions that sell Apple prototypes, as it did with this iPhone prototype, but sometimes sales are completed before the company can end them. Other prototype/odd Apple items that have appeared on eBay include a prototype MacBook Air, a prototype Macintosh Portable computer and... a glass stair.

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