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Capcom: Mega Man Legends can't come to PSN due to licensing

During the latest installment of the "Ask Capcom" video series, Capcom USA vice president Christian Svensson single-handedly shot down any hopes of Mega Man Legends coming to the PSOne Classics storefront before the arrival of the series' third installment. Svensson replied to a fan inquiring about the possible PSN port, saying, "unfortunately Legends isn't going to be able to be up there; it failed an I.P. sweep and a contract check."

Svensson explained that certain games in the Capcom library use intellectual properties and voice acting performances which the company no longer has the licensing rights to use. Svensson said Capcom avoids re-releasing these titles "due to historical litigation or fear of potential future litigation." Part of us totally understands, but another part of us just wishes they'd get some super-lawyers and figure this thing out. We like to call that particular part of ourselves "The Part that Really Wants to Play Mega Man Legends Again."

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