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Gazillion's David Brevik on Marvel Universe Online, story, and changing the perception of MMOs


A new interview with Gazillion's president and CEO David Brevik is up on Gamasutra today. The interview focuses mostly on the ongoing development of Marvel Universe Online (though Gamasutra tries to pull a fast one to get a tip on Jumpgate Evolution, to no avail) and has shades of BioWare in the discussion of the "Holy Grail" of story in MMOs.

As the interview points out, Brevik is familiar with the ups and downs of the industry, having been involved in the hugely successful Diablo II and the failed (and soon-to-be relaunched) Hellgate: London. A persistent theme of the interview is figuring out how to change the way that MMOs are viewed and how to prove that an MMORPG can be more than a DikuMUD clone. In addition, Brevik talks about the philosophy behind making MUO ostensibly the first free-to-play (from launch) Western AAA MMORPG as well as how the studio is planning to bring the epic overarching stories that Marvel comics are known for to the world of MUO. For the full interview, head on over to Gamasutra.

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