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March's Guild of the Month: Spectacular Death

Yes, that says March and not May. We'll be announcing April's winner soon, but first let's (finally) congratulate Spectacular Death for being March's Guild of the Month. They won a $100 gift code from SwagDog (which they have already received and spent). Gimmlette, their guild leader, tells us about Spectacular Death in her own words:

Our guild portrait [above] says it all. People are wearing a wide variety of tabards which represent all the events we've participated in; achievements we've helped each other with; factions we're exalted with. We've gone everywhere and done most everything. We have every race and class.

The beginning

"Spectacular Death was formed on Dec. 15, 2007. My second in command, Superkind, and I were dissatisfied in our current guild. We were stalled getting into Karazhan and we really wanted to expand our view. We both wanted to see classic content but no one was interested. "What if you started a guild where the idea was we'd do the old content?" he asked me. I didn't think, if I started a guild, anyone would join.

"We stood in Goldshire on the 15th, with Superkind asking for signatures and promising people a gold to sign up. As I had more money than him, it was my gold, but we got the signatures. Superkind is the only original signer who stayed. The guild name was suggested by him because I have this tendency to die in very spectacular fashion. There really isn't a way I haven't died in the game. We always celebrate those spectacular deaths because that's what you'll probably remember. Our best was a 0.03% wipe to XT-Deconstructor as we were learning Ulduar."

Greatest achievements

"We've accomplished so much given that our guild is built upon the foundation of an eclectic group of casual players with different mindsets and goals and varied playtimes. While we will never be the first into content, we don't let that keep us behind and we make the most fun possible out of every event. Recently, we got Starcaller and Kingslayer within a week of each other. I am so proud of how people worked to down Algalon and Arthas.

"During Wrath, we would defend the Alliance leaders against the For the Horde runs organized by Gauss, the leader of a horde guild, Three Score. We had so much fun defending we named Gauss our first honorary Guild Member of the Month. We're proud of being able to shut him and his forces down on occasion since we're not a PvP guild.

"We constantly run old world content while learning and progressing through new content. We rate our success in game by how much fun we're having not by what we should be doing compared to other guilds, and we feel that is our greatest accomplishment."

Current activities

"We are slowly working through Cataclysm content. We've been in every raid except Blackwing Descent. Since we go everywhere and do everything, we just have to fit it all into a month and not overwhelm members with things to do.

"We have to finish the guild achievements for Classic and Outland Raider. We still need to conquer Ruby Sanctum. We want to run ToGC and heroic ICC and then come back into ICC, thank Wrynn for his help, but remove his buff just to see how much harder it is. We'd also like to get Astral Walker, but that's going to require help from another guild. Some members have expressed an interest in getting T1 or T2 gear sets and there's our infamous naked Molten Core runs.

"Also recently, we started an RP group; we have "Play Your Horde Nights" to get a taste of the other side of WoW; PVP nights ... I could go on. When we say we do everything, we mean it."

Future plans

"Our future is quite bright. There are more things to do than we have time. As we're a guild of casual players, you aren't penalized for having a real life. Sometimes, we just don't have enough people to run planned content. On those days, we find other things to do. As an example, we've been working through Naxx 25-man content with 8-11 people. The Safety Dance achievement is a lot easier to get when you only have to worry about 10 other people. Gluth, however, was a problem and we haven't gotten past him.

"I want to provide an atmosphere where your schedule is not an impediment to seeing all content. If you're looking for progression, try that guild over there. If you are looking to see all content in a casual, relaxed atmosphere where there is an emphasis on fun first, you might want to check us out. We welcome all ages and server transfers. Burned out hard-core raiders might also want to look us up. Check out our web site,"

Editor's Note: All entries are limited to 200 words; winners of WoW Insider's Guild of the Month provide a much longer profile after being chosen.

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