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Square and Apple have plans for Monday


If you follow @jack, otherwise known as Twitter co-founder and current Square CEO Jack Dorsey, then you'll know that at about 2 PM EDT today, he tweeted the cryptic Instagram (a company he's invested in) message and photo shown at right. A square with apples in it -- that's pretty obvious there, Jack.

Square card readers are currently selling in Apple retail stores, but it appears that there's more to the story. The company has a press conference scheduled for 10 AM PDT at its headquarters in San Francisco, and Dorsey's hint looks like a not-so-subtle message that the two companies are going to announce something big.

I speculated yesterday that Apple could be planning to use Square card readers with the Apple Retail iPads that are being rolled out, or perhaps Square and Apple have other plans up their respective sleeves. Fortunately, the announcement is just two days away and not life-changing, so we can all rest easy over this beautiful spring (or fall in the Southern Hemisphere) weekend.

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