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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is in deep, deep meditation

Shhhhh. We've been quietly sitting here for six straight hours trying to align our chakras, purge ourselves of negative energy and whistle the Andy Griffith Show theme -- our usual meditation routine for those occasions when life gets to be a little bit too much. For example: We just remembered E3's coming up in a few weeks! Also, the world might have just ended. We're not quite sure, because we've been meditating all day.

Regardless of whether you're still here or not, we've arranged our seven favorite gaming-related webcomics below for your enjoyment. Make sure you vote for your favorite after the jump!

Roy G Biv (Brawl in the Family)
His Dark Thesis (Penny Arcade)
Space Closet (Nerf Now)
An Olive Branch (No Cash Value)
Golden Master (Virtual Shackles)
Griefing (Awkward Zombie)
Other Uses (Portal Potty)


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