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Free Alice: Madness Returns iOS storybook released

We're still trying to wrap our minds around this recent, clever cross-promotion set up by American McGee's Spicy Horse for its upcoming psychopathic title, Alice: Madness Returns. Here's where we're at so far: They took a storybook, and turned it into a game, which they've now turned into a recently released iPhone and iPad-compatible storybook, which prefaces the events of yet another game.

The iOS storybook is a sound investment, as reading through it unlocks a code which saves you $10 on an Alice: Madness Returns pre-order through the EA Store. Still, it's one of the most crazily recursive promotions we've seen in a good, long time. Why, it's nearly as insane as the game's latest trailer! Ha, just kidding. Nothing is that insane.

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