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The Daily Grind: Does MMO magic need a revolution?


While the concept of magic in a fantasy setting (or something like nanos in a sci-fi setting) seems to offer unlimited potential and possibilities, MMO magic systems are almost depressingly routine. Ooh, I'm a fire mage, I cast... fireball! Ooh, I will suck out some of your life and inject it into my bloodstream and then star in a popular RomVamp series! Ooh, I will now summon something from the heavens to cave your skull in if you'd be so kind as to stop hitting me for the next five seconds!

Honestly, is it time that MMOs see a revolution in the magic department? Where's the danger of magic, the elaborate preparations, the imaginative systems that we read about in the fantasy series but never see in games? If I never have to see someone's hands light up all glowy-like before he thrusts them out and a ball of liquid hate spews forth, I wouldn't complain.

So what do you think? Are developers too complacent with how magic's been portrayed in MMOs? Do we need new systems to make magic come alive, or is it fine as is?

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