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6 tuner HDHomeRun Prime went on sale today

Ben Drawbaugh

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What your eyes are gazing upon here is the new six tuner HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD device that went on sale today at Newegg and is expected to ship on July 18th. As expected, it is basically two HDHomeRun Primes in a single case, that uses a single internal power supply, but requires two CableCARDs, two coax inputs and two network drops. The case would fit pretty nicely in most racks too, with the included ears, or you can use the pictured feet and set it on another piece of equipment. As for software, currently it only works with Windows 7 Media Center and will require either the elusive Advanced Entertainment Pack or the not-so-official TunerSalad add-in else you'll only be able to use four of the six tuners. Two more pictures including one of the back after the break.

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