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New ArcheAge video shows off skills and combos

Jef Reahard

Ready for a closer look at ArcheAge's combat? Look no further than a new video recently uploaded to YouTube that shows off a number of skills and combos. The video features Korean subtitles, and as with all material that hasn't been officially released to the western market, it comes with quite a few caveats regarding final builds and suchlike.

It also comes with quite a bit of ambiguity, as we're not sure how exactly these abilities work in the context of ArcheAge's sandpark skill system. One thing we do know is that they all look mighty interesting, and the two-minute clip is an exercise in spot-the-MMO-archetype for long-time genre fans. There's the caster, a ranger type, some melee DPS (but not a tank, obviously), and some sort of Bard analog. See for yourself after the break.

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