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Random Hacks of Kindness brings hackers together for the greater good next month


What could possibly bring hackers in 18 cities around the world together for a weekend next month? Potentially a lot of things, but on June 4th and 5th it'll be the third annual Random Hacks of Kindness (or RHoK), a globally-linked conference that's centered on the idea of "Hacking for Humanity." As with the two previous conferences, this one is community-driven from the ground up, with anyone able to suggest a problem that could have a technological solution of some sort, and everyone welcome to join in helping to solve it (some of the suggestions so far are things like tornado notification and brush fire command systems). Those interested in participating can find all the information they need at the source link below -- and don't worry about not being 1337 enough to make the grade, the definition of "hacker" in this case is a fairly loose one. It seems anyone with a laptop and some ideas is welcome.

[Thanks, Rachel; image: RHoK/Flickr]

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