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Toshiyuki Takahashi (aka Master Higgins) to leave Hudson

Few single-studio careers in the gaming industry have been as lengthy or illustrious as that of Hudson's Toshiyuki Takahashi. He's something of a folk hero at the company, having appeared in the classic Adventure Island series as Master Higgins, and having become known for his uncanny ability to hit an NES button 16 times per second. He's accumulated no small amount of prestige while working at Hudson -- but in a recent post on his personal blog (as translated by Andriasang), he announced he's leaving the company at the end of this month, ending his 26-year tenure with Hudson.

Takahashi didn't explain his reasons for leaving the company, or where he'd end up at next. Considering his announcement's proximity to Konami's acquisition and trimming of Hudson, we'd wager that has something to do with it. Then again, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. He might just be taking some time off to focus on his other interests, like skateboarding on clouds while collecting floating fruit, or rescuing princesses from nefarious, reptilian foes.

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