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WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 4.2

Alex Ziebart

We're neck deep in patch 4.2's PTR testing, and the Firelands draw ever closer. We here at WoW Insider have been following patch 4.2 in great detail, but it's easy to get lost in the flurry of patch news. That's why, as we do every patch, we've gathered all of our PTR coverage into one nice, organized place for all of you to peruse: WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 4.2.

We will have much more coming for you in the following days, too. Keep an eye on the site for our upcoming guides to the daily quests of the Regrowth and the Molten Front. You'll be glad you did.

The news is already rolling out for the upcoming WoW Patch 4.2! Preview the new Firelands raid, marvel at the new legendary staff, and get the inside scoop on new quest hubs -- plus new Tier 12 armor!

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