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ArcheAge closed beta three kicks off, gameplay videos abound

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge's third Korean closed beta phase officially kicked off last night (or was that this morning -- it's all running together), and as a result, a couple of interesting new videos are floating around the interwebs. First up is a lengthy look at the game's character creation options followed by a 15-minute romp through the sandpark title's expansive world courtesy of an unedited play session video.

While the character creation clip is pretty spiffy in its own right, it pales in comparison to the nifty swimming animations and underwater effects on display in the second clip. Exploration is the order of the day here, as we don't get to see any combat or crafting. There's plenty of eye candy though, and you check out both clips after the cut.

[Thanks to Shawn for the tip!]

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