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ESRB: SNK classic 'Marvin's Maze' coming to PS3 and PSP


With the PlayStation Network functional once again in many territories, and the PlayStation Store coming back soon (possibly tomorrow), Sony will soon be free to return to the very important work it was undertaking earlier this year. We're speaking, of course, about the sale of obscure SNK games.

The ESRB just provided a clue about the next game from the publisher to hit PS3 and PSP, and in a surprise twist, it's not a Neo Geo game. Marvin's Maze is actually a 1983 arcade game about a cute character trying to collect dots in a multi-layered maze, while avoiding or destroying "Robonoids."

In addition to this apparent PS3/PSP release, Marvin's Maze is part of the PSP SNK Arcade Classics 0 collection, which has yet to be officially announced for North American release.

[Image: The Arcade Flyer Archive]

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