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inFamous 2 Hero Edition unboxed, new trailer unleashed


If you have a penchant for messenger bags, world-ending beasts and "it's totally not a toy" figurines, today's inFamous 2 news is just right for you. Beyond a thoroughly detailed photo tour of the game's "Hero Edition" (an "unboxing," if you will), Sony today released a brand new trailer for this June's third-person superhero-er.

Rather than show off the game's New Orleans-inspired location as so many inFamous 2 trailers have before it, this one's all about the destruction of Cole's hometown: Empire City. Turns out that the enormous beast he was worried about in the last game is kind of a dominant force in his second adventure. Head past the break for some minor story spoilers from inFamous 1 and a whole mess of destruction in inFamous 2.

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