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MacHeist releases The Heist for iOS


The folks over at MacHeist are apparently revving up for another big sale, and this time to celebrate the event, they've gone all out. Previous versions of the sale have featured a web-based metagame, but this time the game has moved onto iOS with the release of a US$0.99 app called The Heist.

It's very well done, of course, with plenty of secrets to figure out. Some of them are more traditional. The app has basically four different puzzle minigames (one's a Sudoku variant, while others are like sliding tile puzzles or the car parking puzzle game), each with a number of different puzzles to solve within them and all in the goal of opening up the big MacHeist door.

There's also a metagame to this one with an actual prize (I've heard it's a Steam game) coming to anyone who can conquer all of the puzzles. And as an interesting trick at the beginning of the app hints, there's an actual story that's going on behind the scenes here.

The Heist wraps a lot of puzzles and fun in the MacHeist project's signature style. You might not be able to crack all of the codes (though I'm sure someone out there will), but it's an enjoyable venture anyway.

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