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Massively Exclusive: Free Realms' Referee Ruby goes collecting


Last week, we heard from Free Realms' Referee Ruby as she walked us through the serene joy of farming in Free Realms. This week, we're moving away from Farmer Ruby to something a bit more Rubyana Jones, so don your best explorin' clothes and let's go collect some stuff.

Yes, the focus this week is on collections. The idea behind collections is fairly simple: As you'd expect, you gather things up and hoard them like a packrat. In the case of Free Realms, you're gathering keys that can be found scattered across the world in Robgoblin junk piles. There are eight keys in every collection. And what's your reward for gathering all of them, you ask? Another key! But this one is different. It's probably magic or something, because it unlocks one of many chests scattered around the world, chests which contains a plethora of stylish clothing rewards. To see the system in action, jump past the cut and spend some time with Referee Ruby as she takes you through it.

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