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Steampunk it up with the City of Heroes devs on the new Keyes Island!


Good day, all you lovely ladies and debonair gentlemen of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Have you ever wanted to strap up your boots and petticoats and step onto the streets of the City of Heroes alongside those dashing developers at Paragon Studios? "Don't be ridiculous," you say. "Of course I have, you silly bugger."

Fortune is in your favor, my friends, because in but half a fortnight you'll have just such an opportunity as Paragon invites you to join some of its developers in testing the new Keyes Island Reactor. As if the chance to galavant about this delightful new zone with the fine folks behind City of Heroes weren't enough, by participating in this most delightful event you will also be entered into a drawing that will provide you the opportunity to acquire the upcoming Steampunk Pack and all of the charming brass bits that come with it. If you're interested in joining in on the joviality, then check out the official post for instructions.

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