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TERA fly-through video shows off southern Shara

Jef Reahard

It's been a while since we've seen a proper TERA fly-through video and even longer (maybe ever) since we've seen one that features frosty, forbidden landscapes piled high with ice and snow.

Enter a new clip from Frogster (TERA's European publisher) that we recently sighted on YouTube. The trailer runs north of two minutes and whisks us through the wilds of southern Shara on a whirlwind journey from icy snowscapes to sprawling cities then onward through psychedelic forests and quaint fantasy villages.

Despite the scenic splendor that takes up most of the screen time, TERA's unique combat mechanics aren't completely ignored. A brief and violent action montage punctuates the clip and serves to whet our appetites for more from the world of Arborea. Feast your eyes after the cut.

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