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City of Heroes previews Issue 20: Incarnates Ascend

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you looking for more to do in City of Heroes' endgame? The Issue 20 update gave players a lot of new slots to unlock in the Incarnate System but only two Incarnate Trials in which to do so, which is a bit of a downside. The upcoming Issue 20: Incarnate Ascend update, however, will give players a chance at more valuable rewards, as well as new trial on Keyes Island to help unlock further enhancements for max-level characters.

Not enough? There are new vendors for Astral and Empyrean Merits, allowing players to unlock account-wide costume upgrades and special bonuses for lower-level characters. New Lore pets are available for some of the game's more classic enemy groups. Last but not least, the Team-Up Teleporter is getting some functionality upgrades to help make life better for the players participating in trials. City of Heroes players can enjoy the upgraded content in the very near future, which should be a boon to the burgeoning endgame population.

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