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Hey, you! Wanna write for Joystiq?

Justin McElroy

You don't go to sleep without your Dave Hinkle action figures. Your walls are covered with paparazzi photos of Ludwig Kietzmann's exclusive beach tryst with Dead Space Girl. You still pine for the blue and orange color scheme. You are, in short, a Joystiq fanatic. Or hey, maybe you've never heard of Joystiq, but you love video games more than air. Either way, if you're ready to turn that passion into dauntingly large piles of cold, hard cash we may just be ready for you. Over the next couple of weeks, Joystiq will be hiring a few new staffers.

So, you're interested, huh? Well, follow us after the break!

What are the gigs?

Previews editor: This salaried full-time position will require someone who lives in or very close to the San Francisco Bay Area. We're looking for someone with experience who can take the lead and help to manage coverage on the West Coast as well as our preview coverage.

UK editor: This full-time contractor will need to live in or near London. They'll be going to events and handling coverage while we're still nestled soundly in our sleep pods.

Weekend editor: This part-time contractor will be a one-man or woman army, holding down Fort Joystiq on Saturday and Sunday while we ... well, do other things. Looking for news, writing the news, self-editing, this person has to do it all. This person could live anywhere on this beautiful globe with a reliable internet connection.

Who do we need?

So, first thing's first, you'll need to be at least 18. We'll also need someone who's available throughout the work week for the UK and previews slot and on the weekend for ... well, you probably guessed. You'll also need:

  • A passion for and an extensive knowledge of the video game industry
  • A solid work ethic and a stellar attitude
  • A humorous, well-practiced writing style
  • A strong ability to self edit
Here's what we'll need from you!
  • An email with the following subject line: "[your name here] wants to be the [job title]"
  • Your city and state
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your AIM screen name (you'll need AIM!)
  • The consoles you currently own
  • Other outlets you've written for (links are good)
  • A cover letter telling us why you're the right blogger for the job
  • An under 300-word review for Music Catch
  • Two pieces of writing you think would work as a current Joystiq news post. We want to see we could put your stuff right on the site with a minimum of coaching. Update: These posts should be original, read: not previously published.
  • Two suggestions for how to improve Joystiq
  • Your nomination for the best game of 2010 and a paragraph on why it's your pick
Send all that to apply at joystiq dawt com. We'll be accepting applications until May 31, so don't rush it. If you'd be so kind, put it all in the body of an email with no weird formatting. Once we narrow down our options, we'll be in touch, so no need to keep emailing. If we do reach out, make sure to respond promptly, that's an important part of the gig.Oh, and it should go without saying that typos or missing components from your application would ... well, it wouldn't help your odds.

We'll update this post (or possibly make new ones) as our search continues, so make sure to check back! Questions? Comment below!

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