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KDDI's Swing navigation system helps you find your way around a store, avoid human interaction

Amar Toor, @amartoo

GPS can help you get to your favorite bookstore, but once you're there, it probably won't find that Thomas Pynchon book you're looking for. That's where KDDI's Swing navigation system comes in. Taking its cue from Nokia's Kamppi and NAVTEQ's Destination Maps services, the prototype is designed to help smartphone users find their way around malls, restaurants or any other indoor space, using only a red arrow as their compass. Just choose the section of the store you're looking for, wave your phone in a circle and KDDI's app will use a system of pre-installed sensors to find your location, before pointing you in the right direction. Seems intuitive enough, but Swing's success will ultimately depend upon how many people and retail outlets decide to adopt it. Swing past the break for a demo video.

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