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Massive Final Fantasy collection for sale on eBay


This Final Fantasy collection for sale on eBay is one of the most impressive assemblages of video game titles we've ever seen. Not only are all of the numbered Final Fantasy games brought together by this seller, but almost all of the various spinoffs and versions are included as well. From the very first Final Fantasy cartridge on Famicom up to three different versions of Final Fantasy 8 on the PC -- and even an Advent Children Cloud Black PS3 console bundle.

In short, just buying this collection could set you up as the curator of your own Final Fantasy museum, dedicated to huge swords and great battle themes from throughout the years. The price for such an honor? It's currently sitting at around $15,000, with no bids as of this writing. If that's something you want to invest in, we can only wish you good luck ... and could we borrow a buck?

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