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Test chamber music: Valve offers free Portal 2 soundtrack downloads


A generous free offering from Valve will allow you to reflect on all those great times you had with Portal 2. Or, if you haven't gotten it yet, it'll allow you to get a preview of some of those great times you'll have sometime in the future. Or maybe it'll allow you to think about the great times you're having, as you're having said great times.

For you non-sentimental types, it's a bunch of free Portal 2 music.

The publisher posted "Volume 1" of "Songs to Test By," containing 22 tracks from the game. It also posted a set of six iPhone/Android ringtones made from recognizable soundtrack snippets. As a bonus, if you play them all at the same time, you'll hear exactly what this year's PAX will sound like. You can download the soundtrack from Valve -- or from us, right here!

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