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Angels Online welcomes us to the Primordial Paradise


Yes, it did hurt when we fell from heaven. Why do you ask? Ohh. You're trying to hit on us!

We have more details concerning Angels Online's Primordial Paradise expansion, which is already available in the game. The world's key-uuuutest MMO is adding several new areas to the game, an ancient skill system, and tougher challenges for experienced veterans. Honestly, we dare you to go into a biker bar and declare yourself an "Angels Online veteran." We'll even buy your drinks.

The new areas in this expansion include the bone-littered Lost Cove, the hidden paradise of Boulder Village, the rough-and-tumble Hoca Village, the training grounds of Rex Point, the resource-laden Raven Riverpoint, the appropriately named Hunter's Ridge, and the cutthroat vista of the Shilly Desert. It's in this latter area that cherubs can test their mettle in the Dino Arena.

If the cross appeal of angels and dinosaurs is enough for you, then head over to Angels Online to check it out!

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