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Apple eyeing Samsung AMOLED display for the iPad 3


A report from the Korean Times suggests Apple is negotiating with Samsung about its AMOLED display technology. Apple reportedly wants to drop LCDs and use an AMOLED display in its next version of the iPad. Samsung is the primary manufacturer of AMOLED displays and uses this technology in its popular Galaxy S line of handsets. In the past, Samsung supplied these displays to HTC for use in the Nexus One, the DROID Incredible and the Desire.

Though they are now battling in court, Samsung and Apple have a close relationship. Apple is one of Samsung's largest customers and gets LCDs, NAND flash and A4/5 processors from the Korean company. Samsung recently introduced a 10.1-inch Pentile display with a 2560-x-1600 resolution. At 300dpi, it rivals the Retina Display currently used in the iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Instead of AMOLED, perhaps this new high-resolution display is the subject of these rumored discussions.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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