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EVE Online introduces customisable APIs for apps


Player-made apps have always been a big part of EVE Online, with players stepping in to provide tools the game itself doesn't offer. Apps like the EVEMon skill planner originally required players to provide their usernames and passwords in order to get access to a character's skill sheet. Several years ago, CCP introduced the EVE API system to remove that requirement. Players can now instead give applications one of two API keys -- a limited key that gives access only to basic information like skills, or a full key that gives access to everything from market transactions to asset lists. Until now, no middle ground has existed that would allow app developers to access only specific things, and players are always wary as to whom they give their full API key.

In a new devblog, CCP Stillman explains the brand-new customisable API key feature that has just gone live for testing. Players may now select exactly what information will be shared, and a customised key will be generated that gives access to only those features. This means an app that reads your EVEmail, shows your recent kills, or logs market transactions doesn't need to be given access to any other information that you'd rather keep private. The key generation process does a good job of explaining exactly what information each section will give access to, and the key can even be given an expiry date to create temporary access keys. These new developments are sure to be useful for app developers, and we can look forward to the release of some useful new EVE mobile and web apps.

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