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First Homefront DLC is 'Fire Sale' map pack coming June 7; 360 title update brings fixes, Ability Pack

When THQ promised a "wide range of exciting DLC" for its shooter Homefront, we honestly expected something besides a map pack. Nowadays, if your map pack doesn't have at least one celebrity in it, we're not even taking the call. Homefront's first piece of DLC is the on-Xbox-first "Fire Sale" map pack which "will carry you further into the heart of a war torn and twisted America." No word on the number of maps in this pack, nor the modes supported, price, or number of celebrity cameos. About the only thing we do know is the name and the date: June 7.

More concerned with being able to play the Homefront maps you already have? THQ also announced that a Title Update is available now for Xbox 360 that offers improvements to the game's "overall stability and network connectivity." Some of the higher profile improvements include: "game returns to MP menu instead of Main Menu after leaving a match," "Max ping limits for server connections" which should prevent connections to distant servers, "game freeze and hitching," and the "joining friends feature." As a kind of thank you, THQ is including the "Ability Pack" which features some new goodies for your multiplayer game. Get a full rundown at the Source link below.

[Update: THQ let us know that a PC patch went live yesterday and a PS3 patch is in the works, but has been delayed due to the PSN outage. And what about those details on the DLC? We'll get "more detailed information" on the 7th, we're told. In fact, it should be the most detailed information since it will actually be out and all.]

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