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Invizimals: Shadow Zone will have you swatting at your coffee table again this fall

Augmented reality-based collection-RPG Invizimals never quite picked up the steam in North America that it managed to conjure up in Europe -- probably due to the fact the game came to our shores a full year after it hit PAL territories. Still, that doesn't mean we'll have to go without further iterations of the undetectable monster franchise: PlayStation Blog has announced that Invizimals: Shadow Zone, which dropped in Europe last November, will come stateside this fall.

The game throws over 100 more secret beasts into the mix, and adds a co-op component to the original title's monster-capturing mechanic. So, potentially, you could have two people working in tandem to snatch collectible apparitions from the flat surfaces of their homes. We can't tell if that's going to make them look less insane, or exponentially more insane.

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