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The Daily Grind: Would you like to be under the sea?

Eliot Lefebvre

The ocean is one of the only alien environments left on our slowly turning planet, and even though it's all around us, it remains a frontier. Which makes it odd that with the number of MMOs focused on creating new worlds, there's virtually nothing that takes a dive beneath the waters. Champions Online and World of Warcraft both have extended areas in which players explore beneath the waves, but as a setting the ocean remains largely underutilized. And it could very well be a ripe ground for ideas, settings ranging from steampunk to science fiction beneath unfamiliar waters.

Of course, the obvious reason is that human beings are generally not very good at exploring the ocean depths, due to our lack of gills and inability to withstand crushing water pressure. But it's still worth asking -- would you play an MMO set largely or completely underwater? Would you enjoy the change of atmosphere and environment that comes with such a radical shift in setting? Or do you think it's an idea that sounds neat but would ultimately be far more trouble than it's worth?

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