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The Witcher 2 patch delayed due to server infrastructure issue [update: available now!]


You might have noticed that, despite the announcement of a Witcher 2 patch yesterday, you didn't download a Witcher 2 patch yesterday. The patch is finished, CD Projekt reports, but can't be delivered yet due to a server issue. " The bad news," the Witcher 2 community site reports, "is that we have encountered some problems with the server infrastructure, making downloading DLCs impossible."

Ironically, the patch contains fixes for the DLC download process. We aren't sure if it would fix the problem with this download, but what a Catch-22 if it would! CD Projekt pledged to keep fans updated about when they can get this update, the first of two that have been announced so far.

Update: The patch is available now through the website, and as a nice bonus, DRM is now disabled!

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