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Call of Duty: Black Ops PC patch released, Treyarch targeting end of month for mod tools

Though the rest of the planet has been entirely consumed by the fires of Modern Warfare 3 fever, the Call of Duty: Black Ops PC community is being rewarded for its dedication. Treyarch just launched a hefty patch on Steam for the shooter, fixing a number of issues that have long plagued its multiplayer component. Check out the full list of changes after the jump!

One change included therein is the preparation for player-created mods -- a feature which, according to a recent Tweet from Treyarch community manager Josh Olin, is "still targeting an end-of-month release." We're quickly running out of month, but we'll make sure to let you know if it delivers on this promise!

  • Added support for mods in preparation for the upcoming tools release.
  • Addressed various MP & Zombie exploits.
  • Improved memory utilization in MP.
  • Improved DLC filter in server browser - you can now hide any servers running content you do not own.
  • Corrected issue which sometimes required repurchase of emblems or clan tags on weapons.
  • Address some cases in which player could not receive Zombie invites.
  • Replaced RPG with Grim Reaper in Gun Game Wager Match.
  • Fine-tuned napalm and bombing-run damage indoors.
  • Prevented rare invulnerability issue.
  • Demolition bombs can no longer explode and be defused at the same time.
  • Spy plane now activates in One in the Chamber in all cases.
  • The "Sprint Kills" challenge for Steady Aim perk now rewards the player with the correct number of kills.
  • Addressed a rare issue where a hacked camera spike would not function properly if the hacker also had a camera spike that was destroyed.
  • Recording a clip with the speed mode for 2 cameras set to .1 will no longer increase in speed when switching perspectives back and forth.
  • Improvements to Zipline functionality when viewed in Theater mode.
  • Settings from custom games are all cleared and no longer carry over from one custom match to another.
  • Nova gas will now affect players that are standing over their tactical insertion.
  • Hardcore players who kill another teammate in Second Chance now lose the proper amount of points.
  • Calling in a Chopper Gunner immediately after getting shot down in a Gunship will no longer end the Chopper Gunner run prematurely.

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