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Celebrate Faxion Online's launch with a free starter pack from Massively!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Faxion Online launched yesterday, and Massively's got a little something for you to celebrate! What better way to jump into this game all about heaven, hell, and the seven deadly sins than by indulging in a little bit of greed?

We've got 15 Faxion Online starter packs to give away: 11 Basic Starter Packs and four Epic Starter Packs. Would you love to get your virtual hands on one of these? Just drop a comment here letting us know why you want to play Faxion Online, and tomorrow at noon EDT we'll draw 15 names for the starter packs.

Don't forget to check our contest rules and leave your comment before Saturday the 28th at noon EDT. Good luck!

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