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Fei Lam of WhiteiPhone4Now reveals how Apple found him


Earlier today we told you how Apple's legal team finally caught up with Fei Lam, the teenager from New York who was selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits, and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against him. Now new information about the whole ordeal has emerged including how exactly Apple found him.

In an interview with Fast Company, Lam says that he first found out about the lawsuit when he received an email from Fast Company. Lam also says that, contrary to reports, he did not make US$130,000 for the sales of white iPhone parts.

He is apparently meeting with Apple's lawyers within the next month to discuss the lawsuit and any legal repercussions, however Lam will not be represented by a lawyer as he doesn't have the funds to cover one. An earlier report by Fast Company also noted that Apple only tracked Lam down after hiring a private investigator that worked for an anti-counterfeit and trademark protection firm. Looks like when it comes to Apple, you can't remain on the lam forever*.

*I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the worst pun ever.

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