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SOE awarding triple Station Cash, offering special Memorial Day weekend items and events

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment is looking to move a bunch of its pre-paid Station Cash cards. As a result, all such cards (available at retailers including Wal-Mart and Best Buy) may be redeemed for triple the normal Station Cash points. The promotion is valid from May 27th through May 30th, and SOE is also making a few special items available in select games to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend.

EverQuest features a number of paintings for sale, EverQuest II is giving away free time-limited flying mounts, and Free Realms is selling discounted Memorial day clothing packs for 400 Station Cash. Star Wars Galaxies is throwing a "bonus everything" weekend featuring double XP, double GCW, and double a-bunch-of-other-stuff, the details of which you can find on the official SOE forums.

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