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Battlefield 3 footage, and Back to Karkand comparison, courtesy of EA PWNED

We don't know about you, but every time we see the word "pwned" written or, heaven forbid, spoken aloud, a combo-wave of douche chills and nausea washes over us. So know that to bring you this news, we're breaking out the vomit-proof keyboard cover.

EA UK has an unfortunately titled web video series by the name of EA PWNED, in which the go-to pairing of attractive female and balding male cover the gaming industry in video format ... with British accents ... and an exclusive, uncritical focus on all things EA. But you, like us, are going to have to suppress that gag reflex if you want to see a whole lot of high-definition footage of Battlefield 3, straight out of DICE's Swedish headquarters.

There's discussion of the audio in the game, the engine, the art and, perhaps most notably, the creation of the Back to Karkand map which updates one of Battlefield 2's most popular maps with the impressive new Frostbite 2 tech. You can find the full video, and a handy side-by-step comparison of the two Karkand maps courtesy of Reddit, after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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