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GameStop will honor Duke Nukem Forever pre-orders from simpler times


This one goes out to Tommy (now "Tom") Meredith. In 1997, the then 17-year-old borrowed his parent's car and, with a big grin and five dollars, drove over to the local EB Games to pre-order Duke Nukem Forever. Now 31, with a receding hairline, three kids (only two of which he's sure are his), a defaulted mortgage, divorce and a vasectomy later, he will finally be able to redeem that receipt. A receipt that not only represents an innocent time, but all the hopes and dreams of his younger self.

GamePro checked in with GameStop regarding pre-orders made back in the twilight years of Babbage's. The retailer simply encourages customers who pre-ordered over a year ago to verify their reservation with a local store prior to launch. As long as the customer has a receipt the company will "honor even those pre-orders taken long ago." All pre-order customers will receive Duke's Big Package. And Tom Meredith will learn to smile again.

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