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Special edition Tales of Xillia PS3 bundle coming to Japan


Japanese PS3 buyers have the choice of another special-edition console, should they decide to give their Gran Turismo 5 blue or Final Fantasy XIII white systems a rest. The "Tales of Xillia X Edition" PS3 system is the usual "Charcoal Black" PS3 color, but with metallic red and gold artwork on the top depicting the characters Jude and Milla. The PS3 logo is also red, which does more to make the thing seem "special-edition." Maybe we're just weird.

The 160GB system will be released in Japan on September 8, bundled with a copy of Tales of Xillia for ¥37,980 ($470). While it's no longer completely ridiculous to think a Tales game will be localized, don't expect to see this one in American stores anytime soon. Of course, PS3 games are region-free, so you can totally import one of these and play American games on it!

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