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Heatmap shows Fifth Avenue Apple Store is hot place for photos


The image above is a heatmap of photo locations on popular pic sharing site Flickr, put together by developer Eric Fischer. Each dot on the map indicates where a photo was taken in New York's Manhattan borough, with each circled area representing a hot spot of location photography. As ifoAppleStore points out, the locations marked 2, 3 and 4 on the map are pretty obvious photo spots, as they represent tourist standbys Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle and Times Square, respectively. But the number one circle is interesting -- it's the location of Apple's Fifth Avenue Store in New York City, which is apparently competing for tourist eyeballs and photo snaps.

We knew it was a popular location, but this heatmap shows just how popular. ifoAppleStore also has a heatmap of Chicago photos, and while they lament that the new Lincoln Park Apple Store isn't very well photographed, the much more iconic Michigan Avenue store does have its own red blots (though, of course, the proximity to the famous Chicago Water Tower probably mixes that one up a bit). It's clear, nevertheless, that these famous Apple retail buildings are gaining a big following among photographers and travelers.

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