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Nova Media's iCON 461 USB modem is unlocked for globe-trotting commitmentphobes


Unlocked 3G modems aren't something you see everyday. Sure, Zoom has been hawking the dongles for some time, but they're primarily of the tri-band variety -- Nova Media's iCON 461 does those one better by going quad-band and throwing in GPS for good measure. The globe-trotting "3G surfstick" supports 7.2Mbps HSPA on the 850, 900,1900, and 2100 bands (that would include AT&T here in the ol' US of A) and can handle EDGE at 850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz (hello, T-Mo). In addition to a slot for your GSM SIM there's also a place to stick a microSD card, in case you need someplace to store that leaked copy of David Comes to Life. The iCON 461 comes in two versions: Mac-compatible with launch2net Premium for €179 (about $248), and Windows-friendly with uCan Connect for €149 (roughly $215).

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