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Apple cracks down on MacDefender, prevents malware downloads with daily quarantine list

Sean Hollister

Preconceptions aside, Apple products do occasionally spread viruses, and not just the biological kind, which is why Cupertino saw fit to equip Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with a quarantine function to safely set malware aside. This week, however, Apple's kicking those digital white blood cells into high gear, updating that quarantine list daily with a new background process. The company's primarily got its crosshairs on the recent MacDefender scare, of course, but on the off-chance malware starts coming out of the woodwork, it sounds like you won't have to wait for a formal security update to be forewarned of the dangers. If privacy's your primary concern, however, you can also opt-out -- take a gander at our source links to see how it's done.

[Thanks, Jake]

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