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HTC EVO 3D gets more RadioShack love, June 24 sticks out as possible launch date

Brad Molen

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We've been hearing all sorts of details on the HTC EVO 3D as of late, but the only thing that hadn't popped out at us was the launch date. We knew the day was drawing near, evidenced by the phone being put up for pre-orders at Sprint and RadioShack, but we have a little more to chew on. The June 24th launch date on this promotional flyer jumps off the page more than the EVO 3D does, and we really want to believe it; but even if this is an official flyer, it could simply mean that's when RadioShack will begin selling it and it won't be related to Sprint's official launch. Still, if you've been waiting with bated breath to get your hands on your very own copy of The Green Hornet -- oh, and a sweet phone while you're at it -- hang tight just a smidge longer.

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